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Liucheng Biomass​

Situated in Liucheng County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, the Liucheng Biomass Power Generation Project promises sustainable energy solutions. Spearheaded by Liuzhou City Xin’neng Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd., the initiative focuses on converting local biomass residues, specifically mulberry and sugarcane leaves discarded by farmers, into power. The comprehensive systems of the project encompass heating, fuel supply, ash removal, water disposal, water supply, electricity, thermal control, and auxiliary production. Boasting a wealth of biomass resources within a 50-kilometer radius, the project is set to utilise 178,198 tons of biomass residues, showcasing a commitment to renewable energy and local resource optimisation.

Safe Water Africa

The Lango Safe Water Project, a Gold Standard-certified initiative by CO2balance in northern Uganda, goes beyond addressing water scarcity, integrating gender-responsive strategies and environmental sustainability. By rehabilitating boreholes, conducting water quality tests, and promoting community engagement, the project not only ensures clean water access but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 100,000 tonnes annually. Its pioneering commitment to gender equality, applying the full Gold Standard Gender Equality Requirements, sets a precedent for inclusive climate action, making a profound impact on health, community empowerment, and environmental stewardship.

Carbon Offsetting through Ripple Africa Efficient Stoves

Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa’s cook stove project in Malawi, driven by their commitment to sustainability, replaces traditional three-stone fires with fuel-efficient stoves, reducing emissions, preventing deforestation, and improving public health for around 200,000 people. This initiative stands as a beacon of sustainable living, making a significant impact on both daily tasks and the broader environment, exemplifying the positive change achievable through innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

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