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Carbon Offsetting

The climate platform making

measurable impacts

– Rated 4.8 by thousands of individuals and companies pioneering change.

Calculate your carbon footprint.
Reduce your emissions.
Fund incredible climate projects

3 Simple Steps


Use our carbon footprint calculator to measure your impact. Made for individuals and companies.


Reduce your carbon footprint by setting goals and earn badges to showcase your achievements by carbon offsetting.


Fund incredible projects that sequester, avoid or remove carbon through simple commitments.

Incredible Projects. Measurable Impact

Our portfolios combine incredible sustainability-focused projects across the globe to help reduce carbon created through avoidance or replacement, or via preserving natural carbon sequestering through reforestation and restoring habitats. A simple-to-use dashboard showcases your carbon offsetting allowing you to see, real-time, the effect you’re having.

Your carbon footprint

Almost everything we do produces Carbon Dioxide. Everything we eat, drink, buy or use add up to produce our carbon footprint.

By offsetting your carbon footprint, you become part of the solution. The CO2 we produce is balanced by projects that reduce, sequester or avoid CO2 emission.

balancing the CO2 scales with carbon offsetting for individuals and businesses

1 Credit = 1 Tonne CO2e

By carbon offsetting we share the responsibility to keep our air and Earth as clean as possible, and incredible projects around the globe are able to continue through our pledges.


Climate Action Portfolios

Offset your carbon footprint with through high-impact portfolios guaranteeing the offsets you make have the effect you desire.


Experience the pinnacle of sustainable impact with our flagship portfolio. Tailored for those who seek a broad, impactful approach to carbon offsetting, EnviroBlend offers a curated selection of projects that span across crucial environmental sectors. Offset your carbon footprint with the EnviroBlend portfolio crafted to provide a balanced investment in our planet’s future.

Moving beyond traditional carbon footprint offsetting, EnviroBlend enables you to offset through a comprehensive strategy that addresses multiple environmental challenges. Each accredited project in the portfolio is meticulously chosen for its effectiveness, reliability and commitment to creating lasting change through carbon sequestration, avoidance, replacement or capture. Trust your carbon offsetting to the EnviroBlend portfolio helping you to take a decisive step towards your sustainability goals.


Blue Ocean

Dive into the heart of ocean preservation with our Blue Ocean portfolio that focuses on water-based carbon footprint offsetting solutions. Blue Ocean is thoughtfully designed for those who recognise the critical intersection of carbon sequestration and water quality enhancement. This carbon offsetting portfolio encompasses a range of initiatives from ocean cleanup endeavours to the advancement of hydroelectric power, merging the dual goals of reducing carbon footprints and purifying our water resources.

With every investment in the Blue Ocean carbon offsetting portfolio, you contribute to the vitality of our planet’s most precious resource – water. Our projects not only combat carbon emissions but also aim to restore the health of marine and freshwater ecosystems. By choosing Blue Ocean, you or your business is playing a pivotal role in promoting cleaner oceans, rivers, and lakes while harnessing the power of water for a sustainable energy future. Anchor your environmental commitment in the conservation and rehabilitation of the blue heart of our planet through our Blue Ocean carbon offsetting portfolio.

Green Planet

Embrace the essence of Earth’s natural ecosystems with Green Planet, our environmental portfolio dedicated to harnessing the power of nature’s own solutions for carbon offsetting. Green Planet is the cornerstone of our commitment to combat climate change through projects that prioritise organic, earth-centric methods. 

The Green Planet portfolio invests in a spectrum of initiatives, from afforestation and conservation projects that restore biodiversity, to sustainable agriculture practices that reduce emissions and enhance carbon uptake. Green Planet goes beyond mere carbon sequestration; it represents a holistic approach to climate action, intertwining the health of our environment with the well-being of our communities. By supporting Green Planet, you’re supporting carbon offsetting strategies that revitalise soil, protect habitats, and ensure the longevity of our planet’s green lungs.

Clean Air

Take a deep breath and join the movement towards a purer atmosphere with Clean Air, our visionary carbon offsetting portfolio focused on elevating air quality through pioneering environmental projects. Clean Air is a promise to future generations, underpinned by a commitment to projects that have a direct, positive impact on the air we all share. 

From the sweeping blades of wind power farms that generate clean energy, to groundbreaking direct air capture technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, every element of this portfolio is selected for its potential to clear our skies and combat climate change. In addition to these high-tech solutions, Clean Air emphasises carbon replacement initiatives, effectively transitioning from high-emission sources to cleaner, greener alternatives. By contributing to Clean Air, you are not just offsetting emissions; you’re actively participating in a transformative global shift towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. With each investment, you support the proliferation of clean energy and innovative carbon management approaches that leave a lasting, breathable legacy. 

Green Path

The Green Path is our development-focused carbon offsetting portfolio where progress and sustainability converge. The Green Path portfolio is a beacon for change, guiding developmental projects that are as forward-thinking as they are green. It’s about sparking a revolution in how we build our future, ensuring that every step taken is one that nurtures the environment and bolsters communities.

The Green Path portfolio supports projects globally pioneering change towards sustainable infrastructure and systems that stands the test of time without taxing the planet, and community programs that empower local growth in harmony with nature. By supporting Green Path, your helping transform lives without leaving a heavy carbon footprint, and in innovations that redefine what progress is.

Featured Projects. Incredible Changes.

All our carbon footprint offsetting projects are backed by international standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)Gold Standard and United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CER).

All projects are then third-party accredited and stringently monitored for results, reporting and effectiveness.

Carbon offsetting credits are then awarded to satisfy portfolio requirements ensuring your offsets are 100% authentic, guaranteed and making the impact you require.

Carbon Offset Calculator

Calculate your requirements

Calculate your voluntary carbon offsetting credit requirements in less than 2 minutes using our handy company carbon credit calculator.

ICCO offset-carbon.org

Trust & Verification

Compliance from creation to completion

Third-Party Authentication

Verified by reputable independent auditors, ensuring unbiased project evaluation for customer confidence.

Integrity & trust

Committed to transparency, honesty, and accountability, fostering trust in genuine environmental impact.

Full Tracking Verification

Unique serial numbers provide transparency, enabling customers to trace their credits' authentic contribution.

Global Standards

Adherence to global standards such as Gold Standard and VCS ensures the highest project quality and sustainability.

Single-Use Credits

Guaranteeing exclusive and irrevocable impact by retiring a credit's serial number after offsetting.

Adjustment Policy

Dynamic adjustments to your commitment ensures the amount you're offsetting supports your growth.


Carbon credits represent a unit of measurement for reducing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Each credit signifies the removal or prevention of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) or its equivalent from the atmosphere.

Carbon Credits are the primary measure in carbon offsetting.

The voluntary carbon market is a platform where individuals and businesses voluntarily purchase carbon offsetting credits to offset their own emissions.

It operates independently of government-mandated emissions reduction programs that high-emitters are subject to.

Carbon offsetting credits work by enabling individuals and organisations to invest in projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gas emissions.

When you buy carbon offsetting credits, you contribute and support these projects, ultimately balancing out your own carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting involves compensating for your own carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, effectively neutralising your impact on climate change.

To offset your carbon footprint, calculate your emissions, implement reduction techniques such as reuse, repair & recycle, then choose the number of portfolio credits required and offset them against a period.

These credits support environmental initiatives that counterbalance your emissions.

Our carbon credits undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure authenticity.

Purchasing your carbon offsetting credits through offset-carbon.org ensures compliance and correct accreditation.

Carbon offsetting credits undergo rigorous verification processes to ensure their legitimacy.

Independent third-party auditors assess and verify emission reduction projects, confirming that the claimed reductions are accurate and adhere to established standards.

Upon offsetting your carbon footprint, you receive an ICCO certificate detailing the amount of carbon offsetting credits purchased, the emissions offset and the period the emissions have been offset against.

This proof serves as tangible evidence of your environmental contribution.

Hear from our clients

Join the thousands of people supporting a better tomorrow

The Babber
Online Toy Retailer
Read More
The whole process was very easy. Adjusting the credits on the monthly subscription means we can cover ourselves during peak periods.
Bare Wall Studios
Recording Studio, UK
Read More
We wanted to show our customers we care and have had numerous remarks from people congratulating us on achieving carbon neutral.
Rob Chao
Surpox - Events
Read More
Offsetting the events we hold has had a great reception from guests. Great way to promote sustainability and attract a wider audience.
Le Roux Chriopractic
Chriopractic Clinic
Read More
Carbon neutral was one of our targets in 2023 and, with the help of the annual credit offset, something we've managed to achieve.
Dean Williams
The Jukebox - Online Radio
Read More
Although we've reduced as much as possible we were looking for carbon offsets to achieve Net-Zero which we have now achieved!
Empower Change, Offset Today

Be Part Of The Solution

Your choice matters. Carbon offsetting your carbon footprint is a key component in the strive to a sustainable future. Start carbon offsetting on our climate impact platform and make a real difference today.

Choose carbon offsetting through one of our specially curated portfolios: EnvioBlend, Blue Ocean, Green Planet, Clean Air or Green Path and support projects such as Direct Air Capture (DAC), forest restoration & protection, fossil fuel substitution, clean drinking water, efficient cookstoves for  developing countries, recycling sea plastics, regenerative agriculture and more.

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