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blue ocean

Unlocking The Incredible Blue Potential - Ocean Based Carbon Credits

Portfolio Based Carbon Credits

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Portfolio Carbon Offsets

Blue Ocean

Invest In The Ocean.
Invest In The Future.

In the vast, blue heart of our planet lies a powerful ally in the fight against climate change: the ocean. The Blue Ocean portfolio is a testament to the untapped potential of our seas and waterways in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. By focusing on carbon credit projects that encompass ocean, sea, and water-based projects, we aim to not only clean our oceans but also harness their natural ability to sequester carbon.

It’s no secret, the ocean is a major carbon sink, absorbing a significant portion of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Through projects like kelp reforestation, sustainable aquaculture, and ocean cleanup initiatives, Blue Ocean carbon credits contribute directly to the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere while simultaneously improving the health of marine ecosystems. The Blue Ocean portfolio is designed to offer a variety of impactful, water-based carbon offsetting opportunities. From protecting and restoring mangroves that act as natural carbon filters to investing in technologies that capture carbon directly from seawater, your contribution supports innovative solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges.

All carbon offsets in our portfolio are backed by international standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)Gold Standard and United Nations Certified Emission Reductions (CER) and are third-party accredited.

Explore the Blue Ocean portfolio today and take a meaningful step towards balancing your carbon emissions with the healing power of water. Together, we can turn the tide on climate change and pave the way for a cleaner, greener, and bluer planet.

Blue Ocean Portfolio

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No water, no life. No blue, no green.

Dr Sylvia Earle

Providing Trust & Traceability To Carbon Offsets

Featured Projects


Vulnerable community members collect plastic from the environment to produce Social Plastic feedstock for recycling. In return, they’re awarded a secure income and benefits such as health insurance, meal vouchers and cooking fuel.

Carbon Offsetting through Plasticbank Ocean Plastics

Song Giang Hydro

The Song Giang hydropower project is a transformative initiative poised to energize 74,000 households while annually offsetting a substantial 110,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Plastico Del Mar Med

The most polluted sea on the planet, the Mediterranean has the largest concentration of plastic in the world. Forging change, a team of more than 1,000 fishermen remove an average of 2,000kg of plastic from the sea each week.


Safe Water - Africa

The project not only ensures clean water access but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 100,000 tonnes annually through the reduction of water-purifying fires burning wood throughout the regions.

Support some incredible projects worldwide

ICCO offset-carbon.org

Trust & Verification

Compliance from creation to completion

Third-Party Authentication

Verified by reputable independent auditors, ensuring unbiased project evaluation for customer confidence.

Integrity & trust

Committed to transparency, honesty, and accountability, fostering trust in genuine environmental impact.

Full Tracking Verification

Unique serial numbers provide transparency, enabling customers to trace their credits' authentic contribution.

Global Standards

Adherence to global standards such as Gold Standard and VCS ensures the highest project quality and sustainability.

Single-Use Credits

Guaranteeing exclusive and irrevocable impact by retiring a credit's serial number after offsetting.

Adjustment Policy

Dynamic adjustments to your commitment ensures the amount you're offsetting supports your growth.

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Calculate your voluntary carbon credits requirements in less than 2 minutes using our handy company carbon credits calculator.

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Empower Change, Offset Today

Be Part Of The Solution

Offsetting your carbon footprint to accept responsibility and be a pioneer for change. Your choice matters. Purchase Blue Ocean carbon credits and make a real difference.

Your carbon credits support projects such as:

– Forest restoration & protection
– Efficient cookstoves
– Gas recovery
– Land regeneration
– Recycling sea plastics
– Solar, wind and hydro power
– Safe water

Verified certification

Awarded on every offset

Authenticated CERs

Serialised for full tracking

Internationally accredited

Carbon offsets for global projects

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