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Clean and Safe Water - Africa

Borehole rehabilitation to reduce carbon and support communities

The Lango Safe Water Project, a Gold Standard-certified initiative by CO2balance in northern Uganda, goes beyond addressing water scarcity, integrating gender-responsive strategies and environmental sustainability. By rehabilitating boreholes, conducting water quality tests, and promoting community engagement, the project not only ensures clean water access but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 100,000 tonnes annually. Its pioneering commitment to gender equality, applying the full Gold Standard Gender Equality Requirements, sets a precedent for inclusive climate action, making a profound impact on health, community empowerment, and environmental stewardship.

Project Summary

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Project Details

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The pioneering Lango Safe Water Project, spearheaded by CO2balance, has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first Gold Standard certified “gender-responsive” initiative. Operating in northern Uganda, this groundbreaking project is not only transforming communities by providing clean water access but is also empowering women and girls, setting a new standard for gender equality in climate action. By rehabilitating boreholes, the project addresses the critical challenge of water scarcity in the region, eliminating the reliance on unsafe water sources and significantly curbing CO2 emissions.

To ensure the quality of the rehabilitated boreholes, skilled technicians are deployed, and water quality testing is conducted, guaranteeing that the water is safe for consumption. Local communities are encouraged to establish Water Resource Committees (WRCs) responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the borehole, fostering community engagement and self-sufficiency. Additionally, the project offers Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) training sessions, enhancing communities’ understanding of hygiene practices.

With an impressive track record, the Lango Safe Water Project has positively impacted over 40,000 individuals in the region, offering a sustainable solution to waterborne illnesses. The project’s societal and environmental impacts extend beyond the immediate benefits of clean water. Notably, the reduction in CO2 emissions, estimated at approximately 100,000 tonnes per year, positions the initiative as a significant contributor to climate change mitigation.

Integral to its success is the project’s commitment to gender equality. A comprehensive gender analysis has identified key themes, including addressing time poverty, fostering empowerment, and tackling gender-based violence. Through awareness-raising initiatives and the promotion of shared domestic responsibilities, the project has not only transformed access to water but has also become a catalyst for positive societal change. As the first project to apply the full Gold Standard Gender Equality Requirements, the Lango Safe Water Project is setting a precedent for future initiatives that prioritize both environmental sustainability and social equity.

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