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Carbon Offsetting through Song Giang Hydropower

Song Giang 2 Hydropower

Producing enough electricity to power 74,000 households.

The Song Giang hydropower project is a transformative initiative poised to energize 74,000 Vietnamese households while annually offsetting a substantial 110,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. This sustainable endeavor not only adheres to international quality standards and stringent World Bank environmental guidelines but also plays a pivotal role in regional economic development. The project, creating 250 jobs during construction and sustaining 50 long-term positions, reflects a commitment to both clean energy and community prosperity.

Project Summary

Project Details

tCO2e Saved Annually

The Song Giang hydropower project stands as a significant contributor to Vietnam’s energy landscape, generating power for 74,000 households and offsetting 110,000 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly.

With a commitment to international quality standards and alignment with the World Bank’s environmental and social standards, the project ensures sustainable development while directly creating 250 construction jobs and sustaining 50 long-term positions during operation.

Beyond its environmental impact, the project is poised to foster economic development in the region, making meaningful contributions to the local community.

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