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Carbon Offsetting through Plasticbank Ocean Plastics

PlasticBank - Ocean Plastics

Supporting communities in vulnerable coastal areas.

Plastic Bank establishes ethical collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas, empowering locals to collect and exchange plastic for income and benefits. Your support aids ocean-bound plastic recycling in Indonesia, providing vital income and benefits, and each transaction is blockchain-secured with a certification for your contribution. Join us in making a difference in both the environment and local communities.

Project Summary

Project Details

Kg of plastics stopped
Recycling communities

Plastic Bank pioneers ethical collection communities in vulnerable coastal regions, empowering community members to collect plastic from their surroundings. By exchanging the collected plastic at local Plastic Bank branches, individuals gain secure income and social benefits, including health and work insurance, meal vouchers, and cooking fuel.

The collected material is transformed into Social Plastic® feedstock, contributing to the creation of sustainable products and packaging. Your support directly aids the local collection and recycling of ocean-bound plastic in Indonesia, uplifting the lives of collectors through increased income and social advantages.

All transactions are meticulously recorded on a blockchain-secured platform, ensuring traceable and transparent collection. Upon your contribution, Plastic Bank provides a certification, confirming the number of kilograms collected from the environment. Join us in making a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

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