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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Measure your individual or company carbon footprint in less than 2 minutes.

A Step Forward For Sustainability


Use the carbon footprint calculator to measure the emission you produce.


Set carbon footprint reduction goals to reduce your carbon footprint.


Fund incredible projects that sequester, avoid or remove carbon.

How Do You Use The Carbon Footprint Calculator?


Data Sources

We use reputable sources such as Our World In Data and World Bank to create base-line average carbon footprint calculations that dynamically change by country. We include lifestyle data and energy carbon emission data to provide encompassing carbon footprint calculations.


The Calculation

Our simple carbon footprint calculator uses averages and estimates to provide carbon calculations for individuals and companies. The more optional data you provide, the more accurate the results. For the most accurate results, we offer full carbon audits following the GHG protocol accredited to ISO 14064 standards.


Your Data

Your data remains anonymous and protected. We never store the data you provide, and requests made to our carbon footprint calculator database and services are anonymous. The majority of the data you provide is optional but allows for a more accurate carbon footprint calculation.



Once you have your carbon footprint calculation results sign up for our free climate action dashboard to track of your carbon footprint over time. You'll have the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint through our carefully curated carbon footprint offsetting portfolios that support incredibly carbon offsetting projects worldwide.

Your Climate Action Dashboard

Use our incredible climate action dashboard to measure and track your carbon footprint, offset your footprint, monitor portfolio performance & more.

Sign up today and start your path to a more sustainable lifestyle.


To calculate your carbon footprint, simply use our Carbon Footprint Calculator, which measures your emissions in under two minutes. It evaluates your lifestyle or company’s energy usage based on reputable data sources and gives you an estimate of the carbon emissions you’re responsible for.

Our Carbon Footprint Calculator provides an estimate based on averages and user-provided data. While initial calculations give a good baseline, for more detailed and accurate results, we recommend utilizing our full carbon audits that follow the GHG Protocol and are accredited to ISO 14064 standards.

By selecting the ‘Company’ option in our Carbon Footprint Calculator, you can quickly assess your organization’s carbon emissions. For a detailed analysis, provide more specific data related to your company’s operations, which allows for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Our calculator requires basic information about your lifestyle or company’s activities. The more detailed the data you provide, such as energy consumption or travel habits, the more personalized and accurate your carbon footprint result will be.

Absolutely. Your privacy is paramount to us. We ensure your data remains anonymous and protected; it is never stored, and all requests to our database are anonymous.

After calculating your carbon footprint, you can take proactive steps by setting reduction goals and funding projects that sequester, avoid, or remove carbon from the atmosphere. You can also sign up for our free climate action dashboard to track your progress over time.

Our Climate Action Dashboard is a comprehensive tool that not only helps you monitor your carbon footprint but also guides you in offsetting your emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects. It’s an excellent way to commit to sustainable lifestyle changes and witness your positive impact.

Through our carefully curated carbon footprint offsetting portfolios, you can support a variety of projects that have been vetted for their effectiveness in carbon offsetting. These range from renewable energy to reforestation, all designed to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Empower Change, Offset Today

Be Part Of The Solution

Your choice matters. Offset your carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. Purchase and offset your carbon credits and make a real difference.

Your credits go towards projects such as:

– Forest restoration & protection
– Fossil fuel substitution
– Clean drinking water
– Efficient cookstoves for developing countries
– Recycling sea plastics
– Regenerative agriculture

Verified certification

Awarded on every offset

Authenticated CERs

Serialised for full tracking

Internationally accredited

Carbon offsets for global projects

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