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Carbon Offset UK
Start Offsetting
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– Rated 4.8 by thousands of individuals and companies pioneering change

Rated 4.8 by thousands of individuals and companies pioneering change

carbon offset UK
portfolio carbon offsetting
nature based solutions for carbon offsetting
blue ocean carbon credits

Every Action You Make Creates A Healthier Planet

Imagine a future where every action you take makes the earth better. Whether you’re just beginning your journey, or have been supporting change for a while, we’re here to bridge the gap between you and your sustainable lifestyle.

Small Commitments

Pledging support to offset your carbon footprint through our globally recognised and accredited project portfolios.

Supporting The Planet

Your pledge goes directly towards incredible projects world-wide selected based on tough criteria that includes impact type, reporting, accreditation and standards.

Measurable Carbon Offsets

Log in to your climate action dashboard to measure your carbon footprint, view the carbon footprint offsets you've made and see some of the incredible projects you've made happen.

Offset with Confidence and Ease

The most common question we get asked is:

“How can I be be sure my carbon offsets are actually happening?”

The answer is straightforward. Trust your climate action to us. We work hard to verify and track every step, ensuring that your contributions lead to genuine, tangible environmental progress.

We help you by:

Exposing you to a wide range of environmental projects

100% Guaranteeing your footprint is offset

Transparency and reporting through your climate dashboard

Top-up Promise: If any projects underperforms, we'll top you up

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Recently Supported Projects

Here are 3 feature projects that are making a big impact thanks to our support.

Plastico Del Mar Med

Part of our EnviroBlend and Blue Ocean portfolios, waste plastic is captured from oceans and seas and then recycled.

How it reduces carbon
The waste plastic captured is used to create recycled products reducing the amount of new plastic being produced. The carbon dioxide reduced compared to new plastics is 30% – 80%.

How it helps the planet
Plastics breakdown to micro-plastics which are consumed by small fish. This plastic does enormous damage to these fish and, eventually enters our foodchain.

How it helps communities
The waste plastic is collected by locals and provides lower-income communities with additional revenue dependent on the amount of plastic removed.

Safe Water - Africa

Part of our EnviroBlend and Green path portfolios, clean drinking water wells are constructed providing safe drinking water.

How it reduces carbon
To sanitise water from dirty sources wood is burnt. By providing clean, drinkable water, the amount of carbon produced from fires is reduced as well as the number of trees harvested for their wood.

How it helps the planet
Reducing the number of fires used to cleanse dirty water means less carbon is emitted into the atmosphere and less trees are cut down.

How it helps communities
Safe drinking water wells reduces communities distance to water whilst reducing diseases spread due to unclean water supplies.

Carbon Offsetting through Tecunaumanii Pine Reforestation

Tecunaumanii Pine

Part of our EnviroBlend and Green Planet portfolios, forests and habitats destroyed by deforestation are replanted and protected.

How it reduces carbon
Each tree absorbs approximately 10kg – 25kg of carbon per year. By replanting trees in decimated areas we start to rebuild the lungs of our planet and look for natural solutions to climate action.

How it helps the planet
Around 80% of land-based animals call forests and woodland their home. By rebuilding these forests we capture carbon whilst providing new habitats.

How it helps communities
Reforestation helps reduce flooding and provides a degree of protection against weather to it’s local surroundings protecting communities close by.

what makes us different

Your Benefits


Your personal climate action dashboard allows you to monitor and verify your carbon offsets and measure your carbon footprint.

Portfolio Integrity

Portfolio-based carbon footprint offsetting allows you to have a big impact across many environmental projects.


Through our carbon footprint offset portfolios we can 100% guarantee the carbon your reduces is happening.

Small Commitments,
Huge Changes


Offset 100%

£ 6.75
/ month
  • 100% of the UK average CO2 footprint
  • Special portfolio blend
  • Access to climate action dashboard
  • Additional 12 trees planted per year


Offset 125%

£ 8.95
/ month
  • 125% of the UK average CO2 footprint
  • Special portfolio blend
  • Access to climate action dashboard
  • Additional 24 trees planted per year


Offset 150%

£ 10.35
/ month
  • 150% of the UK average CO2 footprint
  • Special portfolio blend
  • Access to climate action dashboard
  • Additional 36 trees planted per year

Hear from our clients

Join the thousands of people supporting a better tomorrow

Annette Tellace
Individual - 125%
Read More
Offsetting my carbon footprint whilst funding climate changing projects allows me to do my part easily. The dashboard is very useful and I love reading the stories that my contributions have created.
Dean Williams
Individual - 100%
Read More
Although we've reduced as much as possible we were looking for carbon offsets to achieve Net-Zero which we have now achieved!
Jamie Lynne
Individual - 100%
Read More
Being environmentally responsible feels great. Offsetting my carbon footprint is a meaningful way to contribute, and it's become an essential part of my lifestyle.
Ethan Clark
Individual - 150%
Read More
I've embraced a green evolution through carbon offsets. It's a simple yet impactful choice that aligns with my commitment to a sustainable future.
Isabella Carter
Individual - 125%
Read More
Carbon offsets using offset-carbon.org's intuitive dashboard and calculator helped transform my perspective. It's helped push me toward a more sustainable lifestyle
David Mark
Individual - 125%
Read More
A straight-forward but trusted way to manage our carbon offsets. The dashboard reassures us that the support we're providing is having a meaningful impact.

Trusted Carbon Offsetting Schemes

Trust is our top priority.

There are a number of carbon offsetting schemes that focus on planting trees and little else. The truth is, the impact on our planet happens across a number of ecosystems and focusing solely on one doesn’t have as good an impact.

We include tree planting as a supplementary service to carbon offsetting. Whilst reforesting areas, your commitment also goes towards replacing fossil fuels for more sustainable energy methods, it purifies drinking water in Africa to reduce the number of fire required, it supports the UK woodland carbon code to promote the removal of carbon dioxide through a variety of types of carbon offsetting.

portfolio carbon offsetting

Carbon Offset UK Calculator

Calculate your requirements

Calculate your voluntary requirements in less than 2 minutes using our handy carbon offset UK calculator.

Making Your Actions Matter

Make Every Step Count Towards Sustainability
In our journey towards environmental stewardship, understanding and taking responsibility for our carbon footprint is crucial. Carbon Offset UK is dedicated to empowering individuals, businesses, and organisations across the United Kingdom to actively engage in reducing their carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier planet.

What is Carbon Offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is a practical approach to compensating for the greenhouse gas emissions we generate in our daily lives and operational activities. By investing in projects that reduce, remove, or prevent carbon and other greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere, we can balance out our own emissions, moving closer to a carbon-neutral lifestyle. Carbon Offset UK focuses on high-impact offsetting portfolios chosen based on stringent criteria such as globally recognised standards and third-party accreditation.

Why Carbon Offsetting In The UK is important.
Personalised Carbon Calculators: Use our comprehensive tools to measure your or your organisation’s carbon footprint, based on energy usage, travel, and other factors contributing to your overall emissions.

Curated Offset Projects: Carbon Offset UK partners with a range of projects, from renewable energy initiatives to reforestation efforts, all verified by international standards. Choose projects that resonate with your values and make a tangible difference.

Transparent Process: We believe in complete transparency. Our platform provides detailed information about how each project contributes to carbon reduction, allowing you to make informed decisions about where your contributions go.

Sustainable Impact: Beyond just offsetting carbon, our projects contribute to sustainable development goals, including promoting biodiversity, supporting local communities, and advancing clean technology.

Get Started with Carbon Offset UK
Calculate Your Carbon Footprint: Our user-friendly calculators will help you understand your impact and guide you on the path to reduction.

Select Your Portfolio: Explore our portfolio of high-impact projects and support a wide range of trusted projects world-wide.

Offset with Confidence: Purchase carbon credits securely through Carbon Offset UK climate action platform, knowing you’re contributing to verified, impactful projects.

Commit to Ongoing Action: Carbon offsetting is most effective as part of a broader strategy. We’ll provide tips and resources to help you reduce emissions and live more sustainably.

Join thousands of like-minded people forging change
Every action towards reducing our carbon footprint is a step towards a healthier planet. Carbon Offset UK is here to guide and support you through every step of your sustainability journey. Together, we can create a future where every individual and business contributes positively to our world.

Start your carbon offsetting journey today and make a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Explore our projects, calculate your footprint, and take action. The power to make a difference is in your hands.

For a Greener UK, Start Offsetting Today.

ICCO offset-carbon.org

Trust & Verification

Compliance from creation to completion

Third-Party Authentication

Verified by reputable independent auditors, ensuring unbiased project evaluation for customer confidence.

Integrity & trust

Committed to transparency, honesty, and accountability, fostering trust in genuine environmental impact.

Full Tracking Verification

Unique serial numbers provide transparency, enabling customers to trace their credits' authentic contribution.

Global Standards

Adherence to global standards such as Gold Standard and VCS ensures the highest project quality and sustainability.

Single-Use Credits

Guaranteeing exclusive and irrevocable impact by retiring a credit's serial number after offsetting.

Adjustment Policy

Dynamic adjustments to your commitment ensures the amount you're offsetting supports your growth.

Common Questions

Everything we consume produces some degree of carbon. Although we aim to reduce our carbon footprint through adopting sustainability measures we can’t reduce the carbon we emit to zero.

Carbon offsetting is the acknowledgement that we’re producing carbon and the pledge to do something about it. It’s about taking ownership of your footprint and striving to reduce it which, in turn, supports and funds incredible carbon reduction projects both in the UK and across the globe.

At offset-carbon.org we do things differently. We don’t rely on individual projects to offset emissions.

We curate special portfolios of high-impact projects that provide reliable, measurable results to offset individuals and companies carbon footprints.

Portfolios focus on different carbon reduction areas. Blue Ocean focuses on the aquatic problems and solutions such as recycling the vast amount of ocean plastics both cleaning up the ocean and reducing new plastics created (and the immense amount of carbon that produces.

Green Planet focuses on the natural carbon solutions provided by the planet such as re-forestry through tree planting and habitat conservation.

CleanAir looks at clean energy generation and how implementing these newest technological advancements can help power the world sustainably.

Green Path combines incredible environmental solutions whilst supporting developing countries which guides them towards a sustainable future.

Finally EnviroBlend combines all projects to provide a balance impact.

Trust your carbon footprint offsetting with carbon offset UK.

To be considered for our carbon offset UK portfolios, projects must adhere to globally recognised standards such as Gold Standard and VCS and be independently verified by an accredited third-party.

We then put the projects through a series of vigorous tests to look at their transparency, accuracy of reporting, efficiency of results, and the overall impact factor. Then, and only then, will a project be considered for a portfolio.

Sustainability means different things for different people. A simple yet super effective phrase we often hear is: Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle.

Reducing your carbon footprint involves making conscious decisions to lower your emissions. This can include using energy more efficiently at home and in the workplace, opting for public transport, walking, or cycling instead of driving, reducing air travel, shopping locally, and minimising waste by reusing and recycling.

Purchasing offsets should complement these efforts to reduce your direct emissions.

Trust us with your carbon offset UK.

We have worked incredibly hard on producing an all-round climate action platform in which you can calculate and track your carbon footprint, see your carbon offsets, monitor portfolio performance and see the impact you’re having.

The climate action dashboard is a completely free tool for anyone who holds an account with us.

For the all-in-one climate action dashboard, trust Carbon Offset UK.

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