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Pazcifico Redd+​

The REDD+ PAZcifico project is a community-driven initiative involving councils in Unicosta, Prodefensa del Río Tapaje, Guapi Abajo, and Cuenca del Río Iscuande. Through participatory and autonomous approaches, it enhances natural, social, and cultural capital by conserving and protecting the local forest. This not only aids in achieving national emission reduction targets but also uplifts subsistence practices, promoting environmental sustainability, reducing deforestation, and enabling community forest management. The project extends positive effects on biodiversity and socioeconomic aspects by fostering connectivity, resource flow, and innovative production alternatives aligned with conservation and mangrove protection. The project falls under the REDD+ category, focusing on forest preservation, sustainable management, and emission reduction.

Carbon Offsetting through Plasticbank Ocean Plastics

Plasticbank Ocean Plastics

Plastic Bank establishes ethical collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas, empowering locals to collect and exchange plastic for income and benefits. Your support aids ocean-bound plastic recycling in Indonesia, providing vital income and benefits, and each transaction is blockchain-secured with a certification for your contribution. Join us in making a difference in both the environment and local communities.

Carbon Offsetting through DRC Redd+ Forest Protection

DRC Redd+

Nestled in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the REDD+ Carbon Credit Harvesting Group Project, a collaboration between GEC Communities II, Inc., R.E.D.D. Carbon Credit Harvesting LP (GEC-C), and Global Treat Corporation (GTC), protects 6,793,190 hectares of vital forest. Using the VCS-validated VM0009 methodology, this initiative is set to deliver an impressive 4.3 billion tCO2-e over 30 years, making a significant annual impact of 141.2 million tCO2e in the battle against climate change.

Carbon Offsetting through A-Gas V8 HRC Reclamation

A-Gas V8 HFC Reclamation

A-Gas V8 HFC Reclamation Recovering used hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) from HVAC systems Project Summary United States of America Country Name View On Map Location Gas Recovery Type agas.com Company Website ACR Registry Name Avoidance Mechanism First Environment Third-Party Validator acr2.apx.com/id=773 Registry URL Report (PDF) PDD (PDF) Project Details 0 tCO2e reduced in 2021 A-Gas US, Inc. […]

Carbon Offsetting through Tecunaumanii Pine Reforestation

Tecunaumanii Pine Reforestation

Reforestadora El Guásimo SAS, based in Medellín, Colombia, is a beacon of environmental stewardship, specializing in reforestation underpinned by sustainable development principles. With an extensive Forestry Management Unit and visionary greenhouse gas removal projects, the organisation is actively shaping a greener, more resilient future for Colombia and beyond.

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