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Carbon Offsetting through Ripple Africa Efficient Stoves

Ripple Africa

Replacing carbon-heavy stoves to cut carbon and reduce respiratory diseases

Ripple Africa's cook stove project in Malawi, driven by their commitment to sustainability, replaces traditional three-stone fires with fuel-efficient stoves, reducing emissions, preventing deforestation, and improving public health for around 200,000 people. This initiative stands as a beacon of sustainable living, making a significant impact on both daily tasks and the broader environment, exemplifying the positive change achievable through innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

Project Summary

Project Details

People benefitted
Three-stone cookstoves

Ripple Africa, a UK charity, spearheads a transformative cook stove initiative benefitting approximately 200,000 people in Malawi. With an impressive track record of replacing 40,000 traditional three-stone cooking fires with fuel-efficient cook stoves, the project emerges as a beacon for positive change. Beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it actively combats deforestation, mitigates respiratory diseases, and minimizes burn risks.

Dubbed “Changu Changu Moto” or “Fast Fast Fire” locally, these fuel-efficient stoves bring profound changes to daily life. Women, tasked with household chores and childcare, now only collect one wood bundle weekly instead of three. The stoves enhance efficiency, allowing for faster cooking and simultaneous preparation of multiple items, granting women precious extra time. Crucially, this initiative addresses the dangers children face in the kitchen, with a 60% reduction in burn incidents due to improved safety features.

The health benefits extend beyond safety, as the Changu Changu Moto significantly reduces smoke emissions compared to traditional three-stone fires. In Malawi, where more deaths result from smoke-related diseases than malaria, this transition marks a critical improvement.

Ripple Africa’s commitment transforms the fuel-efficient cookstove into a way of life, elevating the quality of life for beneficiaries and making substantial strides in reducing Malawi’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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