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Made with 100% recycled ocean plastic. Each token represents 1 ton of CO2 sequestered, reduced or replaced. 100% Offset Guarantee Trackable via our Climate Action Dashboard Certified and Accredited CERs Choose to recycle your token and we’ll match your commitment! – Add “Recycle my token” to your order notes. Tokens will only be sent once – including monthly and annual commitments, but your climate action dashboard will reflect your offsets.


Each token purchased represents 1 ton of carbon dioxide. The tokens are produced with 100% recycled ocean plastics and arrive through carbon-neutral methods.

Each credit is serialised providing a unique, trackable fingerprint.

Through certified and accredited projects, your support enables:

  • Forests to be restored
  • Habitats to be protected
  • Plastics to be removed from the oceans
  • Clean water supplied to African communities
  • Gas recovery in USA and the UK
  • Clean energy generation (Hydro, Solar and Wind)

and many more that reduce, sequester or replace carbon dioxide.

Key Features
  • Token made from 100% recycled ocean plastics
  • Represents 1 ton of CO2e
  • Can be used to offset personal or business carbon footprints
  • Your offsets are 100% guaranteed
  • Bridges the gap between you and true climate action
Width = 3.5cm
Delivery & Returns
  • Tokens are delivered once per order – Subscriptions will not receive additional tokens but offsets will be reflected in their climate action dashboard
  • 100% Offset Guarantees
  • Offsets are single-use, and returns are not permitted.
  • Monthly or annual commitments can be cancelled anytime up to 48h before renewal.

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1 Carbon Offset Token (1 t/co2e) - EnviroBlend $12.64

100% Impact Guarantee

  • Globally Accredited Standards
  • Third-Party Accreditation
  • Single-Use Guarantee
  • Immediate Credit Delivery
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Embrace sustainability and take a tangible step towards mitigating climate change with our unique Carbon Credit Tokens, meticulously crafted from 100% recycled ocean plastics. Each of these tokens embodies the essence of ecological responsibility by representing one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) that has been effectively sequestered, reduced, or replaced. This is a commitment you can hold in your hand, a testament to your contribution to the health of our planet.

100% Offset Guarantee: We stand firmly behind the impact of each token. By tracking your carbon offsetting journey through our intuitive Climate Action Dashboard, you can witness the real-time growth of your environmental footprint reduction. Rest assured, our tokens are backed by certified and accredited Certified Emission Reductions (CERs), ensuring that your investment contributes to meaningful and verified climate projects.

Recycle and Match Commitment: Your journey towards sustainability doesn’t end with a purchase. Choose to recycle your token back to us, and we’ll match your commitment by contributing to further carbon offset initiatives, doubling the impact of your action.

Token Policy: To reduce our environmental impact, tokens will be sent only once. This includes one-time purchases as well as monthly and annual commitments. However, every contribution you make will be accurately updated and reflected in your personal Climate Action Dashboard.

Description: Each token is a beacon of hope for our environment, with a serial number that provides a unique, trackable fingerprint. It’s not just a token—it’s a story of restoration and protection. With your support, we’re reviving forests, safeguarding habitats, cleansing oceans of plastics, supplying clean water to African communities, capturing gases in the USA and the UK, and spearheading clean energy projects across the globe.

Key Features:

  • Ethically produced token from 100% recycled ocean plastics.
  • Each token symbolizes the offset of 1 ton of CO2e.
  • Ideal for both personal and corporate carbon footprint offsetting.
  • Our tokens bridge the gap between intentions and genuine climate action.


  • Diameter: 3.5 cm

Delivery & Returns:

  • Delivery is one-time per order to reduce shipping emissions.
  • Subscriptions will not receive additional physical tokens, ensuring a sustainable model that focuses on digital tracking of continued offsets.
  • We guarantee the offset tied to each token or offset, returns are therefore non-permissible.
  • Subscription commitments offer flexibility and can be cancelled anytime up to 48 hours before the renewal date, providing you control over your contributions.

By integrating these tokens into your life or business, you’re not just offsetting carbon—you’re making a statement. You’re joining a movement that values the environment, seeks accountability, and strives for a greener future. Let’s make every step count.

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