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Madhya Pradesh Wind Power

Harnessing the power of the wind for clean energy generation

Project Summary

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MWh Per Year
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Embarking on a green energy endeavor, this project in Madhya Pradesh seeks to capitalise on the abundant wind power potential. The initiative involves the installation and operation of five cutting-edge Wind Turbine Generators (WTG), including four units of 2000 kW each and one unit of 1500 kW, with a combined capacity of 9.5 MW. Projections estimate an annual generation of approximately 18,470 MWh of clean electricity, destined for the state electricity board of Madhya Pradesh in India. 

Strategically connected to the NEWNE regional grid, this project is poised to significantly contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by harnessing renewable wind energy, a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuel-based thermal power plants dominating the grid mix. Positioned as a greenfield initiative, the project underscores the commitment to leveraging wind resources for environmentally conscious power generation.

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