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3 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

3 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprints. A topic hotter than summer in the Sahara. Grasping the essence of your carbon footprint is a pinicle step in your sustainable lifestyle. We’re not talking about turning off lights, and we’re also not talking about ineffective protests. We’re talking about easy to implement, super effective ways we can reduce our carbon footprint […]

Why Offset Your Restaurant’s Carbon Footprint?

Why Offset Your Restaurant’s Carbon Footprint? The restaurant industry, bustling with energy and creativity, is also a significant contributor to global carbon emissions. From the energy used in cooking to the emissions from food waste, the ecological impact is substantial. However, there’s a growing movement among restaurateurs to make a positive change: voluntary carbon credits. […]

Guide – Net-Zero

UPDATED for 2024 Your guide to net-zero Carbon neutral, net-zero and ISO 14064 Navigate the Path to Net Zero Understanding the difference between carbon neutral and Net-Zero, and it’s importance. In the world of environmental responsibility, it’s essential to grasp the difference between “Carbon Neutral” and “Net Zero” to steer your company towards a greener […]

Guide – Purchasing and Offsetting

Purchase and Offsetting Carbon Credits Portfolio Choose your portfolio.Combined: a broad project coverageEnvironment: focused on the environmentDevelopment: supporting communitiesEnergy: clean energy generation Auto-Offset Save time by auto-offsetting your credits. Enter:Offsetting Party: your name or the name of the company or entity the carbon credits are being offset against e.g. Joe Bloggs or Tesla IncOffsetting Reason: an optional field in […]

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