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BMT Solar Farm

Embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainable energy, the BMT Solar Farm emerges as a pioneering greenfield project set to grace the landscapes of EA Phe Commune and Krong Puk Commune in Dak Lak Province, Vietnam. Spearheaded by the BMT Renewable Energy Joint Stock Company, this photovoltaic solar power plant sprawls across a 36-hectare canvas, poised to reshape the region’s energy narrative. Boasting a formidable total installed capacity of 30MW, the solar farm envisions an annual power supply of 43,224 MWh to the grid, all while steering clear of any Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. As a beacon of sustainability, the solar farm commits to a 25-year operational lifespan, marking a significant stride towards a cleaner, greener energy frontier. Amidst the current carbon-intensive grid, characterised by a margin emission factor of 0.8492 tCO2/MWh, the solar farm’s electricity generation is poised to curtail emissions, delivering a substantial reduction of 183,530 tCO2e over the initial crediting period of 5 years.

Madhya Pradesh​

Madhya Pradesh Wind Power Harnessing the power of the wind for clean energy generation Project Summary India Country Name View On Map Location Wind Power Type Suneja Print Pack PVT Ltd Company Name CDM Registry Registry Name CDM Standard Standards KBS Third-Party Validator cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/DB… Company Website Report (PDF) PDD (PDF) Project Details 0 MWh Per […]

Carbon Offsetting through Song Giang Hydropower

Song Giang Hydropower

The Song Giang hydropower project is a transformative initiative poised to energize 74,000 Vietnamese households while annually offsetting a substantial 110,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. This sustainable endeavor not only adheres to international quality standards and stringent World Bank environmental guidelines but also plays a pivotal role in regional economic development. The project, creating 250 jobs during construction and sustaining 50 long-term positions, reflects a commitment to both clean energy and community prosperity.

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